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Why are modern security systems not always foolproof security solutions?

Home invasions and burglaries have always been a big cause of concern for Canadians. Statistics show that over a whopping $14 billion is spent yearly on repairing homes, replacing stolen items, and paying for medical bills. Reports of automobile thefts are not far behind, with almost $1 billion spent annually for repair purposes. Although high-tech modern security systems claim a foolproof security solution, most of these systems have ended up ineffective, unfortunately. Consumers increasingly prefer an age-old deadbolt system for guaranteed protection of assets and are relying on Local Locksmith London Ontario for installation. Find out more about securing your business investments with fabulous tips offered by the local locksmiths.

This article throws light on three modern security solutions that were much-hyped but fell short of guaranteeing assured protection. Also, find out a few tips to secure your lock and bolt system.

Smart security systems and the operational glitches you ought to know about

Retinal scanning security system

The much-hyped retinal scanning is considered a perfect security solution for your vehicles. But what if the scanners are dismantled? Cases of dismantling retinal systems and stealing cars have been rampant in recent years, debunking the myth that retinal scanners are invincible. Furthermore, although the system also claims to be foolproof, allowing the ignition to operate only when you are seated behind the wheels, the system was a total failure during emergencies when someone else had to do the driving. Experts, therefore, suggest consumers not to go for fancy security solutions and rely only on systems that can give their assets guaranteed protection.

Surveillance system

While it would be wrong to dismiss the efficacy of a surveillance system entirely, there has been a surging rise in cases throughout the country that reported hacking of surveillance systems and committing crimes. The system is great with the surveillance cameras relaying the happenings live to your mobile phones; hacking incidents are indeed a cause of concern. Hence, rely on a surveillance system only if other security measures are also in place.

Thumbprint scanners

Thumbprint scanners are comfortable and provide the owners the privilege of opening the safes without struggling to remember those complex passcodes. But does the system offer guaranteed protection? Unfortunately, not. Thumbprint scanners have also joined the bandwagon of modern security systems that thieves can hack. Tech-savvy criminals are even capable of duping the scanners to gain entry.

With many modern technologies failing to guarantee foolproof protection, consumers have finally realized the importance of the age-old deadbolt system. For those who are still using the deadbolt systems, here are three fabulous tips that can protect your assets from attacks.

Three tips for an enhanced protection

Deadbolt system for your valuables

If you have a conventional lock and key mechanism for your establishment, it is advised to keep an eye on keys and ensure that they are not missing. In addition, locksmiths highly recommend installing a high-tech deadbolt system for efficient protection.

Install an alarm

The blend of conventional and futuristic security solutions is the need of the hour. Install alarms to deter break-ins. The sensor let-off can alert the security personnel and can thwart criminal attempts.

Security cameras

Amplify the security with security cameras that alert the owners about the break-ins and prove that they can help find the culprits if they managed to break in.

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Is Raw Dog Food Good For My Pet?

You might be wondering about switching your dog to a raw food diet. If your dog suffers from allergies, unhealthy weight, digestion disorders, or other common dog ailments, serving raw dog food may be the solution. Many animal owners have been using Raw Dog Food Vancouver as a solution for years, and the findings have been fantastic. When you feed your dog the way nature intends, they can get nutrients from products that their bodies are programmed to absorb, resulting in better overall health. The demand for raw pet foods is continuously increasing. Review the process raw food manufacturers follow to improve the dog’s health by switching to raw food diet. Here’s a reference article to help you learn why raw diet has become so common and to help you determine whether feeding raw dog food is ideal for your pet.

The Concept Of Raw Diets

A raw diet consists of more than just uncooked foods. It’s the practice of raising your pet as their predecessors did. This diet feeds them meals that are biologically built for them. Dogs and cats are carnivores whether they are tamed or not. Their digestive systems are designed to eat animal flesh and bone. It is a widespread misconception that raw food is simply meat. That’s a big part of it, but a raw dog food diet still has to provide all of their vital foods, which means muscle meat, other body parts, bones, and even little plants might be necessary to keep them healthy.

Advantages Of Raw Foods

Your pet’s dietary habits play a major role in the prevalence of life-threatening diseases like allergies, weight gains, diabetes, and cancer. Because of the spike in such illnesses, dog owners switch to natural foods to avoid and cure their pets. Commercially produced pet foods seem to contain high sugar content and refined products. And, it is becoming increasingly difficult to prevent the toxins and chemicals associated with such junk foods. After removing the secret ingredients and processed chemicals from your dog’s diet, raw foods combine with highly digestible nutrients from natural, real foods. A controlled and nutritious diet leads to better skin and hair, stable bones, enhanced metabolism, and weight control.

False Interpretations About Raw Meat Diet

Bacteria found in raw meat can be dangerous for humans, and this is a hot topic of discussion when being fed to pets. Understanding how to feed raw in the proper manner will keep you and your dog healthy. The raw meat served for our pets should be treated with the same care as raw meat processed for ourselves. We must follow food safety measures at all times. Many pet owners are worried that it will affect their pets when they feed raw meat. But that is not true. The intestinal tract of your dog is engineered to accommodate this amount of bacteria. They have a highly acidic stomach atmosphere, which kills many bacteria and prevents the remainder from colonizing their digestive tract.