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Things To Know About Landscape Lighting

The landscape is not all about growing plants and maintaining green lawns. It also includes installing the right landscape lighting. This brightens up your outdoor space. It is the perfect way to spice up the overall look of your house. Landscaping In guelph can be done by choosing the right landscape expert to make your yard look stunning. Read to know the full list here on the benefits of landscape lighting and the different types of landscape lighting. Also, find out some tips on installing the right landscape lighting.

Benefits of Landscape lighting

  • Increases Property Value: Landscape lighting lights up the outdoor space offering an aesthetic look. This can be a great value addition to your property. Potential buyers look for outdoor lighting as a vital characteristic of their homes.
  • Enhances Safety: Landscape lighting improves the safety and security of your home. It prevents criminal activities like burglary and theft. It also avoids damage to your outdoor property.
  • Highlights Landscape Elements: Landscaping lights help to highlight the features of your outdoor space.

Types of Landscape lighting

Choose the landscaping type based on the layout and feature of your outdoor area.

  • Spotlighting: It is mainly used to light up a smaller space and emphasize an architectural feature of your landscape.
  • Floodlight: This type of lighting is used to brighten up a larger space like parking, driveway, etc.
  • Inground lighting: This type of light fixture is installed inside the ground. It adds a lot of drama to your outdoor space. It is a perfect way to illuminate walkways and driveways.
  • Outdoor post light: It is a popular landscaping lighting option. It is used for brightening up your pathways and driveways. It adds up to the ambiance of your garden space.
  • Path lighting: It serves as light markers to paths and driveways. It helps guests to navigate towards your doorsteps. It increases the safety of your walkways.
  • Landscaping accent lights: These lights add up to the beauty of your landscape. The following are some of the landscaping accent lights.
  • Hardscape Light: It is used as an accent to highlight architectural details of your landscaping It also lightens your dark stairs and improves safety.
  • Pool light: As the name implies this type of lighting is used in swimming pools. It provides a great look to your yard.

Landscape Lighting Tips

Here you find some valuable tips in installing landscape lights.

  • Position landscaping lights at the right strategic location. This can help to highlight your landscape decors.
  • Plan well ahead in choosing the right type of landscape lights.
  • Calculate the lighting you need for your outdoor space.
  • Include ambient, accent, and task lighting.
  • Make use of LEDs. This helps to cut off energy costs.
  • Invest in high-quality landscaping lighting. Make sure to buy sturdy and weather-resistant lighting fixtures.
  • Hire professional landscaping lighting experts for installation.
  • Make use of subtle lighting
  • Install landscaping lighting fixtures to enhance the security of your house.

The above would serve as a perfect guide for installing the right landscaping lighting to your house.

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